1911 jamming issues. Check the magazine to make sure it is fully seated. Even with a tucked in shirt it looks like a Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 2, 2019. The cause can be too weak a magazine spring or the extractor hook may need to be polished or burrs removed. One of the most pleasant commercial loads I have shot is the Norma Hexagon Won't feed and add the fact that it's the ugliest thing ever built. Bookmark +. They only hold 7+1, sorry for me in combat I would want a . The Remington 1911 R1 had a single jam occur with full metal jacket ammunition during a test shoot with GunDigest. 45 that can hold 15+1. DOES NOT MEET MELTING POINT LAWS. Those are the two most common causes of the problem you describe. Dhawk New member Posts: 35 Joined: Wed Dec 14, 2011 5:00 pm Location: Ohio. Basically, the idea that you should bathe your gun in oil is no longer a good idea. 45 which is a Para. Hakaman Master contributor Posts: 1939 Joined: Fri Jan 16, 2009 1:51 am It should be straight. Was at the range today, shooting factory Remington UMC 180 gr. I've been kicking around the idea of a commander size (full size grip, but slightly shorter barrel) 1911 since it seems they can be had in reliable configurations. Reactions: Problem: BBs Jamming or Not Feeding. #24 · Nov 4, 2017. This gun has a firing pin safety. Purchased 2017, S/N starts with a "5". A few months back i bought a new Kimber custom gfo 10mm 1911 and have had jamming issues pretty much from day 1. Its my opinion that in this day and age when you may Solution: The only way to clear a double feed is to hit the magazine release, strip the magazine from the pistol and then cycle several times to clear both of those rounds. With that said, it was sent off and returned today. The slide moves the round forward. So I was out shooting drills last night, putting my various 1911s through their paces, when I had the oddest malfunction I've ever had with a 1911. Looking at buying a 10mm 1911. Dec 15, 2008. This model has a spring like part called a "bumper" it is a flat leaf type spring,bent to shape and installed I say buy today starting with a S&W Model 10-5 in . The pistol quality is amazing. From what I've been reading, and (admittedly limited experienced) logic, my money's on a mag problem. 4oz, while the Glock 19 is 23. e. 1. So…magazines, ammunition, cleaning/lubrication, and technique. The FNP-45 Marines Commemorative 1911 Auto-Ordnance. 22 WMR but, perhaps this too will not work in the end. 1911 jam the most. My 38 super RIA is A COLT DELTA ELITE pistol is currently worth an average price of $1,861. D&H 1911 Duty Magazine. That's $100. This is easily remedied by simply letting the slide go forward at full force, either after pressing the slide stop, or when “slingshotting” the slide: just let it go, and let that strong recoil spring do the work of getting the new round into battery. It is a small problem with a easy fix. It blows away my trp but I am having a problem with it. R. Thank you! If And by that, I mean your safety when using this gun. kimberamerica. Shop SIG SAUER 1911 Pistol Magazine | 5 Star Rating on 4 Reviews for SIG SAUER 1911 Pistol Magazine + Free Shipping over $49. I wish I'd had a camera to take a picture. So, what I want to say here is: Safety What is Kimber 1911 Jamming Problems. The only Para 1911 I've shot was an unreliable POS, but other people seem to have good luck with them. There are several methods of repairing the dent besides setting back the barrel and re-facing it. 4. Most 1911 experts, when hearing about a particular gun jamming or misfeeding, will recommend you try a QUALITY magazine. Troubleshooting steps: Make sure that you are using high quality seamless BBs at a weight appropriate for your airsoft gun. 07 . 40 Sigma series via trade, and took it to the range this morning to shoot for the first time with a box of Federal FMJs. I went to the gun shop to browse today and saw a Para Ordnance P12 for sale. I was sold on the Tisas 1911 45 US Army version but have been looking since last Feb. But when i have everything assembled it shoots maybe one or two times (and overspins both of the shots) and then jams very badly. The used value of a COLT DELTA ELITE pistol has risen $200. Discussion in 'Browning 1911 - 380 Handgun' started by Lead Head, Jan 5, 2017. 99. 34 MSRP: $599. I am aware of the break in for 1911's, I'm guessing this is either a problem with the ammunition, or the magazine, or both. 22 WMR actually get good enough to fill the roll of a place in my gun line on . Also extended mags can cause issues as well. 00 1911. To date with 7,000 9mm & 3,700 38 super comp, & 2,300 38 super only one problem a FTE on 9mm. Wondering if anyone here had experience with them and has advice on certain models/brands to check out further or avoid. And just about every time, the last round jambs. Recently picked up a S&W . Watch short videos about #kimber1911 on TikTok. Thank you! If 469 Posts. After reading a little online about this model, I was a little concerned about the reports of ridiculously hard trigger pull, and once I fired it I realized what everyone is complaining about. 43. So I finally got to the range with my 1911. 3. I've had cheap 1911's like Norinco's that works perfectly, and I've had high end factory semicustom 1911's that will jam. Reloading is butter smooth The first Springfield 1911-A1 pistols were dead ringers for a US military-issue M1911A1 pistol, down to everything except the markings. update page 2. My son bought a S&W M&P Shield . This sig 1911 is nearly indestructible and I 'am extremely hard on side arms. Taurus G2C. RCBS APS Unprimed Primer Strips Large Pistol White 8/pack. The cycle is thus: 1. I have 2 Colts 1911s and a Ruger sr1911 but i am looking for a cheap 45 1911 at my parents old home. 380 and had terrible issues with it. I do plan however to us 4. 4gr of 231 for the next step, (some jamming issues), whereas most work fine with the higher loads. silvery37. I thought it just needed breaking in but after 600ish rounds the issue is still present. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 19, 2016. 45 ACP measures 8. cc55 said: I'm a new shooter to the Glock, specifically the Glock 43. The trigger is pulled and you hear a “click” instead of a Typical issues for weapons causing jams. 38 Super) even when quite dirty, but due to a … The extractor on a 1911 Auto Pistol is one of the most misunderstood parts of the entire gun. I have seen that a worn out cutoff lever can lead to overspin, but im not sure if the overspin is causing the gearbox to jam. Cheap aftermarket magazines and cause feeding issues. com - (570) 368-3920. Not saying Kimber has jamming issues more than any other, but if it does that changes the price point. It prevents the 1911 user from using an effective shooting method in CQB which the U. I love this gun, it certainly will not be my only 1911 for long, and when I first got it, everything was sunshine and rainbows. reworking the feed ramp corrected the problem. I created more of a feed-ramp on the bottom side of the barrel chamber and blended the upper part of the chamber were the bullet catches withing the chamber. Plus, it’s a great looking gun. $800 to a grand sounds right depending on condition and model. With a stainless steel slide and a nitride finish, this gun is adequate and cycles well. 2. The 12 month average price is $1,861. Re: 10mm 1911 [Re: uncleduck] #6755093 02/02/20 06:03 PM 02/02 5 Posts. ) Most often–but can happen at any time– when one round is chambered and full magazine attached. Before you question the reloads, I had fired about 50 of the same batch through my 45 year old Walther PP 8053670710085. Depending location sub $600. Occasionally, though, the 7th round would still do a nose up jam. I have shot 1000's of round of walmart cheapos but they have all been 1 1/8 nothing lower. 07 new and $1,349. Shares: 289. After examining the gun they got back with me and said that they were going to send me a new gun. Inverting the mag allows subsequent rounds to fall out the top because the mag body is compressing the follower and jamming it. Because the ammo feeds perfectly fine unless the magazine is loaded with 8 rounds. I love the 1911 platform (who doesn't?), but since I began researching it I am beginning to think it is the most bipolar air gun out there. What is Kimber 1911 Jamming Problems. Unless you're intimate with the function of a 1911 and comfortable with diagnosing and tweeking; I'd recommend a call to Browning, especially as the gun is fairly new, they will take care of you. The first time out i has constant jams, i have tried 3 different brands of magazines and probably about 5 different kinds of ammo. PDA. The basic "fluff-n-Buff" with a dremmel polishing wheel and red rouge polish. I'm holding for the Rock Island 1911 . The last round in the magazine (Chip McCormick 8rd Powermag) fed normally, fired, but then failed to eject. The best is to have the dent filled with a weld. Quantity. Thank you! If Needham, MA. I used the only mags I have for it, which are the 3 factory mags that came with it. To diagnose the problem, we need to know what type of jamming, ammo choices, spring rate in the gun, condition of the gun, was it well lubed, etc. Description. True? Suggestions for quality 1911 magazines, and who might have them? This is after the pistol went to Kimber twice for jamming issues that persisted since it was new. 5 inches high and 1. If I load it with 7, it feeds. D. BeeGee. I was told I was "limpwristing" the gun. Hi, I have had a jamming problem with my Sig P229 . As stated, I put around 5 boxes of 50 round FMJ ammo through the pistol before trying the hollow points. Springfield’s new 911 may look like other sub-compact 1911-style 380s, but it handles better than any I’ve shot. The new gun run fine for 400-500 rounds then the same old jamming issues started again. You disassemble it just like any other 1911 by pushing the slide forward to the point the slide stop aligns with the disassembly notch and pushing the slide stop out. Almost felt like my Ruger SR22. Increases Reliability in ALL 1911 Pistols. The bullets get caught and they get bent. Make sure the forend liner is firmly seated in the stock at the rear and that the recoil spring guide rod is inserted correctly, with the curved end on top of the recoil buffer socket pin when the rifle is oriented in the shooting position. I personally use Chip McCormack Match magzines. The casing from the fired, chambered round will jam up … 926. So you drive to the range with your shiny new . Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite. 45 ACP Pistol Stainless 1911-45-SSS On Sale at Eurooptic. and Russian made WPA 115gr fmj steel case. Brand: RCBS | … I shoot all of my handgun's with either hand and never have jamming issues. He then called me and said that it … 11 Posts. Improper grip. These are, in no particular order: (1) incompetent customization, (2)inappropriate ammunition, (3) lack of lubrication, (4) cheap magazines,(5) flaws in the basic design and (6) a propensity toward small-partsbreakage. 07 new and $1,537. After about 20 rounds or so through the gun (without any problems) It started failing to extract the brass after firing the round. I just got a brand new full side Citadel 1911. Plus having a Concealed Handgun License in Texas, I use the I had a feed problem with another pistol and found the inside of the magazine gritty. Many auto-loading pistols exhibit feeding problems with hollow points as well as truncated (flat nose) bullets. 11 rows How to Clear a Jammed 1911 Pistol. Product Information. #8 · Jan 12, 2017. Lube (clean), magazines, ammo in descending order of common issues. Have him try a different magazine. At this point, I was able to acquire another full size 1911-380--the one with the stainless slide and nice wood grips. Lack of proper lubrication is frequently an issue as well that creates cycling issues. FYI, 1911's need to be broken-in, minimum 500-700 rounds before they start running smooth. It WILL set a new standard in 1911 magazines while redefining state-of-the-art. I have a scandium commander, but I've shot that model also. A friend has one of the Ultra CDP mini-1911's, the first version, and it's a fine shooting handgun that I'd like to have. I contacted Remington and the company quickly sent me two new magazines. By contrast, Rock Island’s Rock Ultra FS 1911 . I bought a 15-22 back in January and from day 1 it's had issues with jamming. #5 · Aug 24, 2015 (Edited) Only show this user. Well worth the 360. the fired cartridge will extract so fast, that the spent cartridge has not completed its burn process It seems to me from what I have seen posted on forums that a lot of the problems some have had with their 1911's is attributed to poor quality magazines. We’re assuming that the gun hasn’t been “tuned” by Dremel Dan and his ugly, stupid first cousin Bubba. recieved it in 3DAYS! Have shot 300 RDS. I've shot 1911's, Sig Sauers, and Glocks that performed alot worse then my S&W SD40VE. I bought a kimber micro 9 a little over a year ago. It is a beautiful gun but I also experienced FTF. It's a good deal in this inflation economy. Every mag I shot through (about 6 times total), the last round always got caught up and jammed right before chambering. Any new gun will have to have a break in period, my RO Operator had feeding issues at first, so did my Kimber Custom II in 9mm, don’t forget, there was and still are issues with a 1911 in 9mm. Slam a new magazine in, cycle the slide to chamber a round and you’re good to go. I also bought a Browning 1911 . ***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and Posted September 17, 2018. Let me know when you … If a brand new 1911 from the factory has feeding and extraction issues after the first 500 rounds it needs to go in for a warranty inspection. Putting rounds in it again after letting it sit loaded and unloading it revealed the same problem as before - but the follower and a round gets stuck halfway down. RC09581 Show Specs. After disassembling, cleaning and lubing the inside of the magazine the problem with the gun was gone. Precision airsoft guns should only use 0. I had trouble with jamming the first few times I shot. Jamming problem with brand new Taurus . I can think of six reasons. Bought 2 extra Wilson Combat Mags for it and both jammed consistently, so I returned both mags…Would like to find a good gunsmith in my area to make Gun more smooth operating? My RIA GI 1911 had some issues before I wore it in with about 150 rounds Browning 1911 - 380 Magazine Problems. Some seem to say they have no trouble at all but the bad reports can't be overlooked. Court says: February 16, 2018 at 5:39 am. FYI: I e had 5 Kimbers and had to send two back to the factory for jamming issues. Go. They can also experience failures to extract, … Springfield Armory’s customer service representatives can answer your questions/concerns Monday through Friday 8:30 to 4:30 CST via phone at 1-800-680-6866, International: +1-309-944-5631 or email at sales@springfield-armory. Out of 250 rds, so far, I don't think I've gone through two mags without at least one jamb (often two or three). FREE SHIPPING on Over 250,000 Products. In my case it's not life threatening. 2023+ … The standard 1911 system and internal mechanics are a staple of reliability, but the downside is instability, which affects the accuracy of your shot. My dad was a sergeant in the Marines during the Vietnam era and he purchased a commemorative 1911 that contains the Marines emblem, gold platted engravings etched on one side of the slide, gold platted trigger, hammer, and few other parts, and also has his name, number, unit, and years served engraved Answer (1 of 10): Note: I own and use both revolvers and auto-loaders. 1 of 2 Go to page. Needless to say, both guns will feel very similar in the hand. After the polish work, a few tweaks and some good mags, this Rock Island is a keeper. #3/43. Luckily, Taurus also arms its gun with a drop safety on the trigger. 357 Magnum. I purchased this gun used. I bought this glock 42 and finally fired it on dec 28. Ammunition types, find what your 1911 likes. for-sale 1979 Smith & Wesson Model 63. Unfortunately, the FTF problem continued. I don’t know of any tricks to unload the unique recoil spring system the 6″ Longslide TRP has. I had problems with my LC9s jamming due to failure to eject fully then jamming on top of next round in the magazine. 00 for the barrel to slide fit, he also polished the ramp & made sure the feed ramp angle was correct for my 38 super Tripp 10 rd. 3 inches wide and weighs within an ounce of the XT 22 Magnum. Posted 30 Jan 2021 in PC Games, Request Accepted. It does not have a traditional guide rod. Here is a list of the best-selling handguns in 2019, rated by likelihood of jamming. 22 PT semi-auto (shoots . I have had feed problems with a couple of 1911s in the past and using one of these magazines has always cleaned up the issue. Plus, it's a good nice home defense weapon with no jamming issues. 1911 Guns 200K+ members. The other fatal flaw of the ubiquitous, beloved, and much celebrated 1911, is the 1911’s faulty slide stop design which can result in the 1911 jamming when fired. In a full-sized 1911, the feed ramp is part of the frame. Also crappy range ammo doesn't always perform as hoped. Come join the discussion about optics, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories http://www. It has a polymer frame and a 12+1 capacity. S. 0. Thank you! If Sig 1911 . Being new to this hobby, I asked the expert at the range and he thought it might be a problem with the ammo I used. 12g BBs. Remington 742, 7400 Jamming problems. Never happened again. Even if I lived in a free state, the Smith would be a strong contender. Over 50 problems and their cures! If youve ever experienced problems This is usually more of a problem with the compact 1911s than the full-size models, as their slides don’t retract as far. It was a joy to shoot. Louis Heffner says: December 9, 2018 at 1:29 pm. Brand: RCBS. i have never had an issues with smaller loads other than the round popping out of the mag into the receiver prior to being fired and or just as the round has been fired causing the jam in the reciever. CCI Standard Velocity 22 Box. Hollow Points may cause jamming, find a more rounded type. About Us Policies Reviews How To. FMJ out of my G23. I have been running the stock 9lb recoil spring and a 23lb mainspring. Detailed Description. Nice enough gun for a production 1911. Toll-Free: +1-800-504-5897 Live Chat Help Center Check Order Status. I would drop the magazine and clear the chamber, reinsert the magazine, load one all my jamming issues have been shooting 3. I’m sorry to say, but this is a common problem with many 1911’s. Ever since getting rid of the ILS ive had tons of jamming issues. I'm currently using 22lr Winchester hollow points. C9 Jamming issues. I currently have about a 1000 rounds through it and will still get soft My wife just recently bought me a SCCY CPX-2 (for my birthday) The gun was brand new and I took it to the range for the first time. The Korth PRS can use any 1911-style magazines with no problems. They are called the "Jam O Matics" for good reason. Remember, it's not the brand or cost that matters it's how it feels in your hand that matters!! If you Materials have changed and so the lubricity that is inherent in some materials have gone up too. Joined May 26, 2009 · 8 Posts . 380 reloads of mine through it with multiple jamming issues. 0 To that effect, you are going to learn how to take care of three popular types of Airsoft Gas handguns; a CO2 powered revolver, a Gas Non-Blowback Semi-Automatic and a Gas Blowback Semi-Automatic. I didn't think I was but I tried a tighter grip and shot 50 rounds w/o any jams, but in doing that my shots are all over Figure 1: A Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 4. Chiappa. I'm wasting a lot of ammo. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 39 Posts. Posted: Fri Oct 04, 2013 3:57 am. The frame is polymer with metal inserts – this could very well cause a stir with those who are more into classic 1911s – but then again, ATI states it is a hybrid. The compact version of the 1911-22 model features a 4" fixed barrel, Novak style fiber optic front and rear sights, diamond checkered walnut grips and compact hammer. 1911 Troubleshooting: Feed Failures. These guns are like the AK of the pistol world. The only reason why you would need to use a lighter recoil spring is if you had problem extracting and ejecting. View Full Version : Help with 3 point jam, DW Valor. INCOMPETENT CUSTOMIZATION. Over 3 thousand rounds later. However, the gun starting jamming soon thereafter. Winchester WB 9mm 115gr full metal jacket. #6 · Nov 21, 2011. 45 pistols. Failure to Feed - Live rounds jam diagonally between the bottom of the bolt and top of the chamber/barrel. The most likely is 1) the extractor is too tight. You can shoot one my 1911's and show me how it jams, then we will see if it does the same for me. However, now it really doesn't like to feed aluminum ammo or cheap brass, about 1 in 5 Discussion Starter · #1 · Apr 13, 2014. My standard for comparison testing is three other 9mm guns I own: A Remington RP9, Canik TP9SF, and Smith and Wesson M2. Colt 1911 70 series (older) By WJustice87 Started 9 minutes ago. Reply. I can rotate it 45 degrees to the right side and it will run the whole clip. Do not give up on a good firearm. Same situation for either of the two mags that came with it. I replaced the extractor and spring and I feel like it's gotten worse. Fully 95% of all feed-related failures are can be traced straight back to the magazine. Jump to Latest Follow I have had no issues with Federal, but I also have had no issue with WWB. It doesn't stove pipe or fail to eject, now it fails to feed properly. 22 LR caliber, is a German-made semi-automatic pistol with a compact build made for conceal carry and target practice. A properly manufactured and set up 1911, for example, can be extremely reliable (particularly in . #1. Location. Top. Your magazines could be fine and the problem maybe in one of the other areas. I talked to Browning and they wanted the gun back. You’ll see a “failure to chamber” malfunction most often with the smaller pistols on the last round from the magazine. For me, I have no interest in carrying anything which demands 99. Question is are the new production Charles So I think the mag is defective. But when I fired it, it was not smooth like my other . S&W revolvers, Colt 1911's, Winchester, NRA Life Membership-S&W Historical Foundation-GOA. 24 used. The remaining few causes are due to the extractor and/or the ammunition, with only about 1% attributable to the gun. Manufacturers. So, wanting to not leave emptyhanded, I began again to contemplate the Umarex/Colt 1911-22 and the Sig Sauer 1911-22 (yes I know its made by GSG); and was stuck on what to buy. I have been searching for input to my problems with my 10mm Eclipse 2 bought new a few months back. New Mark IV 22/45 Lite - Failure to Feed. Hopefully someone can help me. The bullet moves vertically upward while the rear of the case is controlled by the magazine feed lips. I'd 1st suspect an extractor in need of tuning or possibly a rough chamber causing the extractor to lose its grip on the case. I sold a nice Springfield 1911 that I had a lot of custom work done on to a good friend that wanted it. Worn out feed lips or other magazine issues often cause these malfunctions. It has a 10+1 round capacity, a crisp DA/SA trigger action, an external hammer, and an ambidextrous magazine release lever, which many left-handed shooters will greatly appreciate. Was recomended to use sig mags Pick a gun weak dick. I just got a SR22 and it came with two magazines. We regularly take in guns that have been soaked in oil and … Posted December 24, 2010. none It is often said the three biggest causes of 1911 malfunctions are ammunition, magazines and extractor related issues. Jamming issues, Anybody else's 1911 picky about ammo? I have a Ruger SR1911, this was both my first 1911 and first . Also the trigger contacts are fine, the motor works too when not in the gun. 72 Posts. It probably causes more malfunctions and more jams than any other part, including the magazine. I'd say clean and lube it properly, get some fresh, high quality ammo, and shoot the daylights out of it and see if it does not improve. Had a problem with the gun jamming with three out of the first four magazines. Accuracy=100% Feel in hand=100% NO JAMMING ISSUES AT ALL!!!!! I used winchester 180 grain target ammo and that was 100% accurate. Only a few thousand guns into production the cocking serrations became angled forward, the ejection port was lowered, and the thumb safety changed to a Colt-style with the larger thumb shelf. I tried all the usual suspects, different ammo A lot of problems my friends have had with their full size models have been fixed by replacing the recoil spring and using chip mccormick power mags. Anyone else have this problem, I have a 19 and 26 with no failures in 16 years. I am having an issue with my GSG-5. I chose to start this new thread continued from New Ruger for CC thread. Likes: 577. Comes stock with a stainless finish, serrated slide, ventilated trigger, and hammer, a beavertail safety, combat 3-dot sight system, ambidextrous safty , also with houge grips. The S&W 1911s are excellent. The Taurus G2C has enjoyed great sales over the past couple of years and is one of the more affordable pistols you can buy. A balky 1911 . Aircraft Grade Certified Stainless Steel Tube Resists Corrosion. 3) the firing pin hole in the bolt face has a raised burr. TDJ, Yeah I live in Orange County too, have had many Jamming issues with my RIA GI 1911. The second . Low end airsoft guns can use 0. The construction of the gun is going to make a difference as well - the Glock is mostly polymer with a metal slide, slide rails, barrel, and some other internal parts (mag liner, etc) while the 1911 is mostly steel. Just let Springfield know it needs to be reamed and polished, it will be just fine. Accuracy International. Joined: Fri Aug 23, 2013 2:36 am. 45 ACP and . use TIG or MIG welding. . I should have just scrolled down and seen the author’s picture and I would have saved 5 minutes of my life. Google says the SR1911CMD is 36. bunk22 said: . remove-circle. This happened about 4 times. The negative reports on the PMR 30 are just way too high. It sure would be easier to diagnose these kind of problems if Ruger would ship all guns with two magazines. My suggestion is to keep it well lubed, clean and try different brands and weight of 9mm if you can, it will get better the more its shot, my RO did. Some of the guns that we referred to in this … Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 29, 2013. 00 for the Springfield barrel, $30. The ETM started with a blank sheet of paper and 30+ years of 1911 and 1911 magazine experience. Cured the feeding issues. A dirty or improperly lubed weapon (especially a new one) may have problems. Jun 16, 2008 8,524 444 126. I would get halfway through a mag and the trigger would stick. My first impression was the pistol was OK. 9mm 1911 problems, kimber 1911 feed problems, kimber 9mm hanging up, new 1911 jamming. 2) the extractor has a rough rim pick up radius. 22 WMR is not the way to go. 75 inches long, 5. Brand: Hornady. It will eject the shell but as the bolt closes back it catches the spent shell in the bolt, mostly pinching the front of the shell closed, and jamming. 5) Mag catch casting is insufficient and or cut poorly to allow magazine not seating up high enough into the slide mag lip cuts. Once you eliminate magazines and ammunition as a the culprit, then look to the extractor. but be careful of the Winchester White Box 230-gr as there are known jamming issues with them. The second problem area, View “B” is a … A few months back i bought a new Kimber custom gfo 10mm 1911 and have had jamming issues pretty much from day 1. Made in turkey. 3 Gas Blowback Airsoft Handgun Source: Dwt110, Tokyo-marui-4. 5. I love my Kimber, but if I wanted a double-stack. There are also lots of reviews complaining of co2 leaks, poor accuracy and feeding and jamming issues. Army says works, and as such, can result in the 1911 user being shot or killed. It can be the ammo. It jammed while I was using either of 2 different ammo brands. Short answer: Yes. The XT 22 Magnum’s profile and dimensions aren’t the only similarities between the rimfire and . With a stainless body with Nitromet finish for durability and wear resistance, a proprietary free-float follower design and a chrome silicon spring, these 1911 magazines will provide years of great service. Hornady Lock-N-Load 1911 Auto Primer Tube Filler. The serrated grip frame allows for a comfortable grip inspite of the reduced size. The first 50 rounds or so we're great, very accurate compared to my lcr and my buddy's M&P. If I was in a law enforcement or military situation it seems clear . Glock, Springfield, sig, S&W all have semi-auto pistols that can do … Overall, the Sig Sauer 1911-22 is So, I have issues with it, but not the jamming issues others are experiencing. Below, is the first review, with the gun new from the box, cleaned and prepped for shooting. ammo. No jamming issues at all, extremely smooth action and extremely actuate. Also, after the final round, the round never ejected and the slide stayed closed. Another problem encountered with the R1 includes an 80-style internal firing pin safety, which leads to a grittier trigger pull. Two of those guns also came in at a low price point. But remember that this is a Clone of a Colt 1911. However, all other issues persisted, with the most common one being that when ejecting the 6th round, the 7th would fly out with it. I like 1911'a overall, but really dislike the 7 or 8 round magazines. There are countless expert and user reviews praising the TW as the absolute best replica available. Wolff states 14lb recoil spring is standard for 9mm 1911 but that is way more than the SA stock 9lb. I was told kimber wouldn't even look at it until I had 500 rnds through it. PC050098 Show Specs. If it looks like this, you will have jamming problems. My 22 Keeps Jamming, My 22 Rifle Keeps Jamming, My 22 Pistol Keeps Jamming , are the most often made statements on the . 50 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $1,861. org Diagnose and cure your 1911 Pistol problems. Spring also seems to Biglew. A good cleaning and a correct lube with any decent lube should do it. Only show this user. 22 only stuff to be workable. 1911 > Help with 3 point jam, DW Valor. 00. Can a 1911 . Its a design flaw from Remington that has been going on a long time. 9 percent jam free operation. It was dirty, as I sent it off after a troubling range session. OEM magazines are generally not considered to be quality. having to polish internal parts and only use certain magazines or certain ammo to get them to shoot reliably without jamming. com. 45 used . 45ACP. 38 Special, or the S&W K-22, or the N-frame . Eventually there will be multiple reviews on the Taurus G3 pistol on this page. Of the two, lubrication is particularly crucial. 0. I've had this happen to my 1911 EMP4 CCC, had it reamed and polished by Springfield, not a single problem since. 45 pistol. This is the stainless version of the regent 1911's. So, some of these so called “drop-in” parts might need a tweaking The 6″ TRP is a slightly odd beast. The bullet strikes the feed ramp on the frame. 22 forum. 1; 2; Next. Chances are, you’ll get accidental discharges just by dropping the gun with a loaded chamber. 2) Some guns do not work for some people. Someone needs to shoot them before you sell them to see if they have jamming issues. Hello All R1 owners: I, too, purchased a Remington 1911 R1 about 4 months ago. 45 ACP is brought to heel by a young tactical officer who possesses great skill at executing a "tap and rack" maneuver to overcome a weapon malfunction. The problem lies within the inertia block and the recoil spring tension. deluxereverb · Registered. However, the gun repeatedly jammed every 2 rounds. 1911 jamming issue and fix. I think the 9lb recoil spring was worn out, pistol has probably around 1500 rounds through it. Kimber advises the slide may not be cycling completely to the rear but as the gun breaks in the spring will relax and eliminate this problem and to use 124 to 147 gr. 3-airsoft, CC BY 3. 40. They took it out yesterday, and ran about 50 . New Kimber Jamming Issues. AmericanGunsmithingInstitute. A proper 1911 should work properly. 380 EZ last week, primarily for his wife for eventual concealed carry. the problem with it is it jammed too much to even bother to shoot. Discussion Starter · #1 · Sep 15, 2021. The new value of a COLT DELTA ELITE pistol has risen $313. Reactions: BET7, 10mmLife, Annihilator and 3 others. 65oz, unloaded. Well, Taurus PT111 G2 does come with reliable safety, thanks to the key-locking feature. This makes the gun lighter and quicker to work with. The Walther P22 handgun, chambered in the . 22 rifle and a brick of . The FNH pistols are very stiff when new and do take a number of rounds, somewhere over 100, to break in properly, three mags of underpowered commercial re-loads won't do the job. By FUJIMO Started 3 hours ago. It could be the spring is not strong enough (stretch the spring to fix) or the mag lips are shaped wrong or the magazine is not fully seated into the frame (it must click into placejudiciously use the palm of the hand like a hammer to seat the mag). Put 50 FMJ rounds thru it with out any issue. When I first started using it I would get misfires or soft strikes and I asked the guys at the store I bought it from about it. 10-01-11, 02:51. If not you will have the problems you described. Yes, I know the Browning 1911-22 is smaller than the typical 1911-22lr, but this model had a much shorter slide. This gun is a little small, since it was designed primarily for concealed carry. It is AC serial number IIRC so it is over 20 years old if my research is correct. so about a month ago, as some may have read, I had issues with my new Saint. 45 is a 5″ barrel and really looks good. 4) Rough/poorly mated feed ramp. The … 94 Posts. 0 Comments. You setup your targets, you load your magazines, you get I have seen that a worn out cutoff lever can lead to overspin, but im not sure if the overspin is causing the gearbox to jam. This ammo is hard to find as well as expensive and clearing the dead casing every shot will take forever to break in the gun. The engineers at Springfield tweaked the mini-1911 design to minimize felt recoil, improve ergonomics, and provide a clearer sight picture even in the most stressful situations. We like Mec-Gar and Check-Mate. Interesting jam with my Springfield Loaded 1911-A1. 00 for the re-bore, & $30. I recently purchased a Dan Wesson Valor. Problem Three: The Click. Discussion A forum community dedicated to all 1911 firearm owners and enthusiasts. blankslate Diamond Member. Re: 10mm 1911 [Re: uncleduck] #6755093 02/02/20 06:03 PM 02/02 Custom Built 1911. If the cartridge is not able to slide up under the extractor hook easily enough, a nose up jam can occur. P238 Jamming problem. Getting the barrel reamed will solve this. Springfield 1911-A1 recoil springs Handguns: The Semi-automatic Forum and no problems. Have baan having a bunch of jamming issues , after gping to a local gunsmith he told me my magazines were the cause. 5. Manufacturer. Perfect for every 1911 model out there! Have baan having a bunch of jamming issues , after gping to a local gunsmith he told me my magazines were the. The problem was corrected by installing a heavy-duty firing pin spring. I ALWAYS have my NAA 22 LR-HG unless I’m in my underwear. I looked at a Charles Daly 1911 45apc at Bass pro Friday for $ 445. RC88511 Show Specs. i. 22 LR. after that is done fasce off the barrel and true up the chamber. Aug 14, 2019. It was Remington 147 I have seen that a worn out cutoff lever can lead to overspin, but im not sure if the overspin is causing the gearbox to jam. I really like the feel of it and REALLY like the 12+1 round capacity of . mags. It was failing to go into battery, had light strikes and was double/triple tapping. Feb 20, 2012. Post by Dhawk » Thu Mar 22, 2012 11:11 am The 1911 is a great pistol however it is not as reliable as say a glock, they always have feeding and jamming issues. Sell it to me. If not, you should. 22 ammo you purchased at the time of the rifle purchase. Hello, Just got a 995TS and took it to the range today. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. RCBS Automatic Primer Feed Tube. 20g BBs or heavier. I trust Federal more, so far, to not be out of spec, but they have both worked fine. Had the same problem with mine, I took a page from the 1911 guys.

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